Friday, October 30, 2009

Carrying Through

The long drive home was filled with tears and lots of unanswered questions. We called a couple of our close friends to see if they could meet us at our house so we could share the news. Our good friend Rachel said words in a prayer that remain with me two weeks later. She prayed that God would "carry us through this time" and for God's peace. In the long past two weeks of our life, I have not once felt that God wasn't carrying us through this with His amazing peace. Yes, the pain remains, but I have not wavered once from trusting and knowing that our God is sovereign and that His plan for this baby's life is far greater then my plan for this baby ever was. Even if the life is short lived.

People pray for a miracle of kidneys to form. My prayer for a miracle is that Jesus would take this baby in His time. Sometimes the miracle is Jesus calling us home to be with Him. What a picture of hope that is for me as a mother. How could I be so selfish to want to keep this baby here on earth since God's plan is not only different then mine, but the perfect plan.

- Summer

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  1. Summer what you know now is certianly going to help you as you deal with all of your emotions. It took me a long time realize what you already have shared. I wouldlove to talk with you if you need it. Our experience is not the same yet certianly carries the same pain. I am hear if you need me!
    with love,
    Shelley walsh