Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 23 Update and Prayer Requests

Thank you all for your continued prayer coverage over our family. On the schedule for tomorrow morning (October 27th) is an appointment with the the head of the neonatal department at the hospital where we are hoping to deliver. This will be a very difficult appointment as we begin discussing and thinking through the birth plan - the instructions that will be given to the medical staff who will be present at the time of delivery.

We also ask that you continue to pray for the placenta to move. Pray also that when we have our next ultrasound, we will be able to determine the gender of our baby. For some reason, I need that to feel more connected to this child by name and to pray for him or her by name.

We do take comfort in the fact that God has known this baby and his/her name since before the foundations of the world were laid.

- Rick

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