Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Kids

I praise God that I have a four year old daughter who changes her
clothes five times a day and  wears more pairs of shoes in a day then
I do in one week. I praise God that I have a two year old that drags
aroudn four blankies that have been with him since birth and I
honestly don't know if  and how he'll ever give them. I praise God
that I have a six year old that has an honest addicionto building
Legos and that he has eyes so beautiful that I fear the day girls will
notice them as well. I praise God that I have a baby that is 29 weeks
old that every time they kick me, I am reminded of  how big God is and
how small this child is yet how amazingly powerful this child has been
in so many peoples lives and it has even breathed one breath on this
earth. That is amazing. And the common factor in all of my children is
that they are all blessings and God has graciously lent them all to
Rick and I for a time.

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