Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ellie is our precious four year old daughter. She is a dynamic and energetic child. And if you are reading this and know Ellie personally, I am sure you are smiling at how underestimating these words are to describe her. This is the girl who ran away from me at a church service and took a full running lap around the entire sanctuary laughing the whole way. I pray for Ellie in a different way than the rest of my children. I trust that God will use her in an incredible and powerful way for His glory.
In the term of my pregnancy, Ellie has been emphatic that our baby is a girl. Maybe she is sick of her brothers and desires to have a sister to balance out the dynamics in our household. The other thought is that God gave Ellie wisdom that our baby really is a little girl.

Tonight when I was lying down with Ellie for bed, I asked her if she wanted to talk about the baby. She first "corrected" me saying, "mommy, it's a girl, why do you keep saying BABY and not she or girl?" I apologized telling her I didn't mean to make her upset, but that we really didn't know if it was a baby girl and only God knew who our baby was. Ellie forcibly shouts, "It is a girl. I know too."

Why am I writing about this? One, I am writing so that if our baby is a girl, that once Ellie matures and grows older, that she can look back and see how God was working in her own life and that maybe God really was blessing Ellie with discernment at even this early of an age. How amazing would that be. Two, I am writing this to tell you how humbled I am by my little girl's faith that even while scientifically nothing has been shown about our baby's sex,Ellie has faith that it is a girl. It may seem small to you, but I am so taken with Ellie's reaction. I believe God can give wisdom even to someone who is four years old. She is a strong-willed child and I can't wait to see how God will work this out for His and her good as she grows. She is such a gift to me.

For Yahweh gives wisdom.
Out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.
~Proverbs 2:6


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