Sunday, January 17, 2010

God Even Interprets Prayers of Gibberish

If Romans 8:26 tells us that God interprets our groaning, then certainly He interprets our prayers of gibberish. Tonight Will prayed for the baby. While Summer was putting him to bed, they were laying down together. All of the sudden, he sat up, lifted up her shirt and said, "Hi baby". "I love you". I wish I would have recorded his voice to capture his way of talking, because many times it is hard to tell what he is saying in his 2 year old gibberish, but you could definitely tell what those words were.

Then he did the most amazing thing. He put his hand on her belly and started praying for the baby. I absolutely love his prayers. There have been times when he has prayed long prayers and we have no idea what they consist of except for the "A - men" at the end (and he puts a separation between the syllables like that). Tonight he prayed a prayer only he and God know and he was definitely focusing it on the baby as his hand rested on Summer's belly.

All four of our children have taught us so much about life and faith. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us so abundantly.



  1. oh, This brings tear to my eyes. Sweet Will, with childlike faith, praying for his baby brother/sister. So sweet. thank-you for sharing!

  2. Oh, for the faith of a child....may He continue to give you strength as only He can do.....God bless & keep you.....