Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok, Prayer Warriors – We Need Prayer

In no particular order. Obviously with all of these requests, I am praying in God's will.

1. That God would bring this baby into this world sooner than January 25th. The waiting game is getting really difficult.

2. Our baby is in the complete breech position. This means that the baby's bottom will come first followed by his/her crossed legs and head. Basically folded. After reading probably too much about this, I am now fearful that our baby will have it's oxygen supply cut off from too much pressure on the umbilical cord during delivery. I also fear that if the baby is in this particular position of breech, I may (or may not) have to have a c-section if he/she is too small to deliver and gets "stuck".

3. Prayer for Caden. He is showing signs of stress with a decreased appetite and is starting to get mouthy to Rick and I. It breaks my heart.

4. That Rick and I can make the time to have a date with each of our children individually.

5. For our family who will be traveling – safe travels.

6. Sleep. This is a foreign word to me lately.

Thank you. This is so painful in every way. But God is good and I still know that and am able to say it with my words and really believe it.


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