Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daddy's Letter to Michael


My Little Michael,

Little is an understatement for the impact you have made on your mommy and I. You have taught us more about each other, more about prayer, more about hope, more about heaven, more about the church, more about God's sovereignty and more about the preciousness of life in the last 250+ days than we have learned our whole lives before that. Your little, but "BIG", life has drawn us closer to God and has grown your mommy and me stronger in our love for each other. Did you know that?

Do you know how God used you? You have given us opportunities to draw closer to your brothers and sister. Do you know that, while we did not think our love could grow any bigger for them, it has? Oh how they loved you.

Caden was so curious about you when you were born. He took you all in with his great big eyes and loved your little feet. He wanted you to have one of his lego space ship creations – his favorite toy to play with.

We saw a new side of Ellie that day at the hospital when she greeted you. She took you in her arms, cradled you and stroked your little head. She is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She brought you a special little duck at the hospital, just for you.

And Will, who was with us when we saw you for the first time on the ultrasound machine. He was so tender toward you and a big help to mommy and daddy by giving us smiles when we felt sad. He is giving you a blanket – a tough thing to give away for a guy who likes his blankets.

Oh Michael - Do you know how God has used you? Your story has touched hundreds. People from all over the world, even strangers to us, have drawn closer to God because of you. I have been reminded again and again of how God loves to use the weakest on earth to make the biggest impact. This is certainly true of you, Michael. For while you could not talk, God's voice was heard through you. And while you could not touch, God's hands were wrapped around many. And while you could not hear and see of the fruit of your testimony, you certainly can see and hear now.

Your story, now interweaved into the fabric of our lives, will never be separated from whom God has molded us to be. God did wonders through you, Michael, while we wondered at Him. We admit we were angry sometimes, not understanding His purpose. We selfishly want to keep you here, even though we know it is so much better up there.

The name we chose for you means "Who is like God?" Your name causes us to pause and to remember that His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. God's thoughts and ways are infinitely better and, like a good Father, He always has our best in mind. But it hurts, Michael. It hurts that we can not hold you and rock you and supply all that you need. But you don't know what hurt is, do you? For the One who is so sufficient in His grace supplies all your needs, and you will never cry or have sorrow or pain, and I am so thankful to God. And while I wait here for His calling on my life to finish the race, you will never be forgotten, Michael Jesse. And one day we will rejoice together for the work of Christ in all of our lives and in the presence of His glory and majesty.




  1. Thank you so much Rick for sharing this with us. We love you guys! Jane and Phil

  2. You touch my heart Rick, and so does your little baby Michael. Thank you for sharing what must be so painful.....I can't imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Maryellen

  3. What a tremendous testimony and a beautiful little baby boy. He and Hope will play and worship the Lord until we join them.