Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Will My Heart Celebrate?

Hi all. Tomorrow, January 6th, Summer has another OB appointment. Three weeks ago we were notified that the inducing date has been set for January 24th. A week ago she started bleeding, due to early stages of labor. It seems like everything is going so fast. It could be tomorrow, it could be the 24th. No matter the date, it is too soon. We are not ready to say goodbye. Much like we were never ready to bring home our first child, we will never be ready to say good bye to this one. I don't always feel like this, but tonight I kept wishing that this dream would be over and I'd wake up and discover that we will be bringing home a healthy baby in a few weeks. That what is represented by that buldge in Summer's belly is bringing about a joyous celebration, instead of a sober reflection. But life is supposed to be a celebraton, no matter the length. Will I find joy? Will my heart celebrate?

This all to say that we could use your prayers specifically for our hearts. As the day looms closer, it gets harder. The stress level and anxiety has escalated in our home. The children have been playing off of it. It hasn't helped that we (mostly Summer) have not been getting much sleep due to Will's bronchitis, but it is now getting better. Some things on our list of to-dos have been completed, and I thought that would make me feel better, but there's no reprieve from the pain, except maybe when we are worshiping in the shadow of the Almighty, turning our eyes from this world and upon Him.

So please pray for peace in our hearts and home and for rest. Also pray for Summer's appointment tomorrow and for good health for her and all of our family.


  1. Still in our prayers daily for His strength & peace to get you through this time of suffering. Hold fast to Him!

  2. praying for y'all. any update from the appointment?

  3. Just as a follow up to this post - no news. Just waiting.

    Thank you all for praying!